Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Happy Place

mms_picture.jpgAfter a year and 5 months I have finally found my "happy place" in Texas.  It's Mary Jo Peckham Park in Katy.  This 32 acre park has a .77 mile trail around the lake.

mms_picture.jpgIn addition to the trees, the grass, the lovely lake and this beautiful scenery, there is a Koi pond, a large playground area, numberous picnic areas, an fitness center with an indoor pool and a miniature golf course.

Today I sat under the gazebo and read a book and did a bit of thinking and soul-searching.  I imagine I'll be spending some more time here.  Who knows...maybe I'll invest in a fishing license and see if I can catch a big one.  Now that it isn't so blazing hot and humid all the time, it's nice to get out and experience what God has created.

I'm reading Epic by John Eldredge.  In it he writes "We have grown dull toward this world in which we live; we have forgotten that it is not normal or scientific in any sense of the word.  It is fantastic. It is fairy tale through and through.  Really now.  Elephants? Caterpillars? Snow?  At what point did you lose your wonder at it all?...And for a moment we realze that we were born into a world astonishing as any fairy tale.  A world made for romance...Surely you see that God is more creative than we can possibly imagine, and romantic to the core."

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  1. Yes. And sometimes He must press us down to help us see the wonder...keep sharing your discoveries. JP