Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday night...finished work at 6...home watching football...thinking about life...
Need to have further discussion related to my last post...

I talked about the Enemy telling me that God is holding out on me.  I talked about the battle I'm in to stop believing that.  I am battling it.  I can't accept it.  My mind knows it's not true.  I'm one of those who believes what the Bible says.  I may not act like it all the time.  But I know it's the ultimate source for truth and answers to life's questions.  So I will not accept the message from the Enemy because i know God is who He says He is.  He is I AM.  Not I WAS.  Not I WILL BE, but I AM.  That's what I'm working on to battle the message that He's holding out on me.  He's not.  He wants to be with me right now.

The funny thing (not really funny at all) about the Enemy is that once he gets you to believe that first statement, he hits me with an additional statement of contempt.  Rather than encouraging me to believe that about God and trying to convince me that I've got what it takes to make it without God, the Enemy hits me with the next message:  You don't have what it takes to have the life you want.  You've made too many mistakes.  You're not smart enough.  You're too poor.  You're too weak.

Thanks a lot.  I really appreciate how you set me up to fail.  So this is my response:  You are right!  I DON'T have what it takes.  I HAVE made mistakes.  I'm NOT smart enough.  I AM poor.  I AM weak.  But did you hear what I said earlier?  I BELIEVE the Bible.  God says He's more than enough for me.  The price has been paid for my mistakes. Forgiven. Forgotten.  He will give me wisdom and understanding.  He has all the riches for me I will ever need.  He is strong. 

I'm not listening to the Enemy any longer.  That's my goal.  I'll do my best.  God will have to do the rest.

If you have just under 4 minutes yet, listen to this  It's Michael English singing "The Only Thing Good In Me".  The recording isn't great.  Hopefully you can understand the lyrics.

Thanks for letting me share.


  1. My strength is made perfect in weakness.


  2. Philippians say "Forgetting what lies behind, I press on towards the goal," but forgetting is the problem. It's covered. Covered in Christ's blood. It's been paid for so you can set it free and run the race of the moment. The enemy temps and tells you that no one would know or blame you for acting on that temptation. Then he turns around and condems you for being a hypocrite.
    I know I'm preaching but today's message from my pastor spoke right to that this morning. Claim the love and strength that are already yours, Don